Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Gamescom has been happening this week, in Cologne, Germany, and Sony had a lot of things to talk about at their conference. They covered PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Vita announcements at their conference, as well as games and other sorts of great announcements. As a PlayStation 4 side note to this article, the console releases in the United States on November 15th, and in the UK on November 29th. The release dates for the other territories aren’t known at this time.

But, surprisingly enough (at least considering how it was treated at E3 and prior to Gamescom), the PlayStation Vita was there in a big way at Sony’s conference, and while the handheld was definitely good before, it seems like there’s even more reasons to get one:

  • As of Tuesday, August 20th, the PlayStation Vita has received an official price cut from $249.99 to $199.99.
  • Following suit of the Vita’s price cut, the memory cards for the Vita are also receiving a price cut. 4 GB memory cards are now $14.99, 8 GB memory cards are $19.99, 16 GB memory cards are $39.99, and 32 GB memory cards are now $79.99. So, while the cards are still rather highly priced, it is a bit better than the former prices of $19.99, $29.99, $59.99, and $99.99 respectively.
  • The PlayStation 4 will have Remote Play with the Vita, which will work with “almost all” PlayStation 4 titles. Andrew House of Sony said during the conference that it would work with all PlayStation 4 titles, so there’s some minor discrepancies, but for now it would probably be safer to assume it works with “almost all” as opposed to all at the moment, but of course, there’s always a chance for that to change.
  •  For non-indie titles making their way to the PS Vita, Borderlands 2 will be headed towards that handheld later on this year.
  • For indie titles, the PlayStation Vita is getting a large amount this year and next year:  Rogue Legacy, Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth (will be at no extra cost to members of PlayStation Plus), Volume (from the creator of Thomas Was Alone), Wasteland Kings, Fez,  Velocity 2X, Starbound (from the creators of Terraria), Murasaki Baby, Helldivers (from the developers of Magicka), Age of Zombies, A-Men 2, Assault Android Cactus, Avoid Droid, Broken Sword: the Serpent’s Curse, Eufloria HD, Final Horizon, Flame Over, Gravity Crash Ultra, Gunslugs, Joe Danger 1 & 2, Kick and Fennick, Samurai Gunn, Supermagical, Switch Galaxy Ultra, and Table Top Racing. A lot of titles will be coming to the Vita, proving it to be a veritable indie machine.
  •   Oh, and another big indie title which you all may know of. It was formerly a Microsoft exclusive in the console market: Minecraft. Yes, Minecraft will be coming to the PS Vita (and the PS4 as well).

The main announcements were, of course, the games, which were definitely great announcements since the running joke of the Vita is that there are no games. But of course, the price drop and Remote Play are two other good reasons to buy a PS Vita. Of course, lower price memory cards (or just dropping the need for proprietary memory cards altogether) would be great, but even the small price drop in the memory cards is a nice start.

While I probably won’t get a Vita for a short while, after Sony’s conference on Tuesday, I definitely want to get one by the year’s end.