Thursday, August 8, 2013

Hello viewers of Zero Second Cooldown! I am one of the heads behind this collaboration, Dustin “Smedwicks” Cash. Part of the creation behind this is the want to actually do something with my time (aside from playing online matches in various fighting games and posting on NeoGAF), but also the want to try and give some sort of useful thoughts and analysis on an industry that I’ve been deeply rooted in my entire life and very much care about, both as a past time and as a place I wish to have a career in in the future.

My writing and postings on this blog will be primarily video game related; as that’s the industry I hold the attachment to. I plan on posting a myriad of different types of articles and editorials, news related and not. As for my gaming tastes (just so any reader can get an idea at what I may potentially focus on, though I will make sure to post about any type of game as is fit), I’m currently deeply ingrained in the FGC, or the Fighting Game Community for short, as I love to play fighting games competitively. I also hold a strong love for most games, except for most FPS games and sports games, though if the game interests me, I’m not afraid to try it out. In most cases, I’m definitely up for trying something new in the realm of video games, and my tastes have shifted drastically throughout the years.

As well as editorials and news articles, I’ll also make sure to post plenty of videos as I can of different games— both old and new. Between Youtube and, I’ll make sure to have plenty of opportunities to show readers different games, both to showcase new or newer games, and to showcase my own tastes, whether it’s platformers, RPGs, or fighting games. My co-author David and I plan to do videos together if/when possible, as well as, when we can manage starting one, a podcast, mostly to talk about tech and video games but also about just about anything that comes across our minds, really.

So overall, that was just a bit of an introduction to my contributions to Zero Second Cooldown, and you’ll probably be seeing my co-founder’s introduction too, whether it’s before or after this. And we’ll make sure to keep all sorts of good stuff coming at you all!
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