Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A Dangan Ronpa spoilercast livestream archive to end them all!

I recently joined the crew from S.Link FM, PersonaGAF's resident podcast, on an awesome podcast episode, not about Persona, but about Dangan Ronpa! The following video is a spoilercast, and as such, the entirety of Dangan Ronpa gets spoiled in this podcast. If you have not completed Dangan Ronpa, please avoid listening to this. This is the archive I pulled from Twitch.tv, and as such, it is unedited from the version uploaded on Slinkfm.com.

Find S. Link FM at: http://slinkfm.com/

Title card created by TheTrueSelf, who can be found on Twitter: @darkside989

Find all of the people on the podcast on Twitter at:
 Levito: @Levit0
Inorigo: @Talespun
CJ Keats: @cjkeats
ScraftyDevil: @ScraftyDevil
Smedwicks: @Smedwicks

And finally, check out Levito's Dangan Ronpa Review!


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