Wednesday, September 18, 2013

After my gameplay video of Shelter which I streamed and featured on Zero Second Cooldown, I contacted Might and Delight about potentially interviewing a member of the team that worked on Shelter, and I ended up receiving a response to talk to their Lead Designer, Andreas. So Andreas and I sat down for about twenty-five minutes (well, over Skype, at least) and I talk to him about Shelter, Might and Delight's design decisions, and his inspirations for Shelter, among other things.

There are audio issues in the video due to my messing up with audio settings for speakers in Xsplit. I end up adjusting them at different parts through the video, but the issues are still prevalent through the video, and I strongly apologize for that. I was caught slightly unprepared and forgot to sound check the night before when preparing for the interview, and for that I offer my biggest apologies to Andreas and Might and Delight for the error, and hopefully within a week or so I can get a version with improved audio featured on the blog.

Hopefully though, these audio issues do not deter anyone from listening, as Andreas provides a lot of great insight to some of the design decisions that Might and Delight made for Shelter's development, and I hope everyone who listens enjoys!


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